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Style Tips for Teens

For that great look during your teenage years you need to follow a few simple style tips for teens that we present you here. Read on for the latest style tips for teens and flaunt your unique fashion statement.


Pamper Your Skin: Makeup Style Tips for Teens

One of the most important style tips for teens is a good health regime. A proper health routine would include:
Drinking lots of water
Eating fruits and fresh vegetables
Cutting down on red meat
Getting enough sleep
Cutting down on junk food, chocolates, sweets and colas
Regularly cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin
Applying a nourishing night cream before going to bed

Makeover Style Tips for Teens:
Here are some style tips for teens for an effective makeover:
First, clean up your face with a gentle face cleanser.
Then, choose a foundation that is close to your skin tone. Spread this smoothly over your face. Use an ice soaked sponge and a blending brush to do away with smudges. Apply a compact over your foundation to make it last longer.
Use a non-allergenic concealer to hide any blemishes. The concealer should be of the same shade as your foundation.
You can use a toothbrush or the moistened corner of a bar of soap to shape your eyebrows. An eye pencil is equally handy in shaping your eyebrows.
Define your eyes with a closely drawn line just above your eyelids.
Make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller by applying a coat of mascara. Remember to dry each coat before applying the other coat.
You can apply an eye shadow for a dramatic look. But reserve these for the evenings. Apply the shadow with a sponge tipped brush. Start by applying on the eyelid and slowly blend it upwards and outwards.
Cream blush is good for the winter and powder blush for the summer. The color of the blush-on depends on your skin tone. Match your blusher to your lip color.
Outline your lips with a matching lip liner and apply your lipstick within the lines. Pink, coral, peach, berry, beige, bronze and brown pink are some of the hottest lip colors for teens.
Besides the style tips for teens given above, read about hair style and dressing style tips for teens.




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