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Natural Body Lotions

While it is important to take care of our facial skin we also need to pay some attention to the less exposed areas of our body too.

Caring for your body using natural body lotions can be a wise option. Natural body lotions help to maintain the pH of your skin and nourish your skin so that it remains soft and supple.

Dry and flaky skin not only causes discomfort, it can also adversely affect your looks and cause premature aging. Natural body lotions can effectively slow down the aging process of your skin and keep it youthful.

These lotions are available in most stores. However, you can also prepare your natural body lotions at home. This does not take too much of effort nor does it make a dent in your pocket.

Most of the ingredients that you can use to prepare your natural body lotions are ingredients that you commonly use at home.

Homemade Natural Body Lotions

To prepare a rose and lime body lotion, mix together 3 tablespoons rose water, 1 tablespoon glycerin and 2 tablespoons lime juice. Transfer in a jar and refrigerate. This lotion is easily absorbed by our skin and is very good for dry and chapped skin. So pamper your skin with the natural goodness of lime and rose and feel the difference!


Dissolve a single teaspoon of borax in a cup with rose water. Add 2 tablespoons of warm olive oil. Stir well and add lavender water. Keep stirring for a little while. Let the mixture stand for a while. Strain and use. This natural lavender body lotion soothes your skin and is full of the goodness of lavender.


Mix three tablespoons of soap flakes in one fourth cup water. Heat to prepare a solution. Turn off the heat. Then add four teaspoons olive oil to the solution. Stir gently and add a teaspoon each of glycerin and witch-hazel oil stirring all the while. Let the mixture cool. To add a touch of color to this natural body lotion, add a few drops of blue coloring or any other coloring that you prefer. Add a few drops of perfume. You may use rose oil or lavender oil to add to the richness of this lotion and also impart a soothing aroma. Use this natural satin body lotion as an after-shower body lotion and enjoy the glow that it gives to your skin.
Since these natural body lotions are composed of natural ingredients, your skin is protected from unnecessary exposure to chemicals. The natural goodness in these body lotions helps to maintain the health of your skin. So pamper your body with natural lotions and watch it smile!

Caution: Do not use if you are sensitive to any ingredient used in the recipe. In such cases, it is better to consult a skin specialist before trying out any beauty recipes.



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