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Jennifer Lopez's Style

Jennifer Lopez's style has evolved with her career. The journey from a group dancer to a style icon has been like a roller coaster ride for this Latina diva. From dress to hairstyle, Jennifer Lopez tops the charts of every fashion countdown show. This singer-actress-designer-director has created her own style. Jennifer Lopez's style is a class apart.


Jennifer Lopez's dressing style

A pair of faded, blue jeans teamed up with milky white shirt are a J.Lo trademark. Jennifer looks gorgeous in whatever she wears. She is very careful about her accessories as well. The actress has been spotted in a variety of designer wear and accessories at various social events. Earrings, bracelet bangles and colorful dresses are her favorite. J.Lo is the show stopper wherever she goes.

Droopy umbrella hats paired with micro shorts of cashmere or hot fox or lambskin boleros teamed up with woven mink cardigans or a baby doll dress made of chiffon or velvet--Jennifer Lopez experiments with her clothes. Attractive and sophisticated is how you can describe this Latina diva. Due to the shape of her body, which resembles a guitar, Jennifer Lopez has earned the nickname, "La Guitarra." She ensures that the clothes she wears highlights her body to advantage.

Jennifer Lopez's hairstyle

With her lustrous tresses--Jennifer Lopez experiments with a number of hair styles. She experiments with hair color, too. At times you will find her with curly, permed hair while at other times you will find her with straight hair.

Brands Endorsed by J.Lo

Celebrities like J.Lo are a brand by themselves. Jennifer Lopez has her own lifestyle brand. The fashion line called Sweetface and the fragrance line called Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez are hot fashion brands. Jennifer has tried to put her own sense of style in the strategy of her lifestyle brand. Sweetface has its own brand of women's apparels, swimwear and sports clothing: from lingerie to outerwear including gloves, scarves, watches, footwear and handbags

Jennifer Lopez is heartthrob of millions. She is the ultimate fashion icon for her fans all over the world. If you want to read more about celebrities and their styles, we suggest that you check our section on Celebrity Styles.



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