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To describe the advantages of dates in a few words, it is good to quote them as an essential part of one’s diet, so that it can be considered as a balanced diet. Dates are composed of various fats, sugar, vitamins, and minerals, which our body requires. Arabs, for example, eat dates along with milk—making it more beneficial. However, a few of its advantages are described below.

Strengthens the Muscles
Although dates are rich in providing to strength to everybody, but during the last months of pregnancy the advantages are doubled—dates strengthen muscles of the uterus. Dates also strengthen a weak heart!

Easily digested
Dates are rich in fibers and one can easily digest them. Researchers showed that dates can also be helpful in curing certain abdominal diseases including abdominal cancer.
Rich with Vitamins, Minerals, and other elements needed

Dates contain many vitamins and minerals required by human body. Calcium, for example, is an essential element for bones, and dates can provide this element in a good quantity. So, it will be very good if breast feeding mothers can eat dates, as the baby is getting many elements required for the body.

Energy Giving
Normally, it is observed that one may feel hungry if sugar levels are reduced in the body irrespective of the condition of the stomach. Dates can well serve the purpose, because these provide energy.
Some other advantages of eating dates include treating constipation, prevention against night blindness and improving health of eyes, and a solution for alcoholic intoxication.



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