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Celebrity styles rule today's fashion. A simple pair of denims or a casual shirt may become the latest craze if it is worn by a celebrity like Jennifer Lopez or Brad Pitt. Celebrities are style icons and the masses take them as style gurus. The gorgeous Hollywood stars are a class apart. Whether its hairstyle, accessories or dressing style--celebrity styles are style trends that we all love to follow.

Ashlee Simpson's Style

Ashlee Simpson's style is more of a fusion type. She loves to mix and match dresses and accessories to get a "funky look." Initially, Simpson had a punk style of dressing. But as time passed she switched over to a more feminine look. Long flowing evening gowns, short skirts, tank tops and body hugging one piece midis top her list of favorites. Simpson is a tattoo fan. The singer has seven body tattoos. She loves to experiment with her hair color. So, you may see her hair colored red, or blonde, or black on different occasions.

Angelina Jolie's Style

Angelina Jolie, who was voted the sexiest female by Style fashion magazine in 2006, is one of the celebrity style icons. This beautiful Hollywood actor is famous for breaking rules when it comes to fashion. Jolie was also famous for her tattoos. She is never seen with a watch or a cell phone in hand. As far as jewelry is concerned, "minimalist" is the word that best describes Angelina Jolie's style. Whether its formal wear or a party dress, Angelina manages too look "hot and irresistible." She is the ideal example of style-it's not what you wear but how you carry yourself that matters.

Brad Pitt's Style

Simple yet charming, this drop dead gorgeous Hollywood actor has a huge fan following. He loves to experiment wit his looks and is a popular fashion icon. Need we mention that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Hollywood's most popular husband-wife pair? The tabloids have named them as, "Branjelina." From gauzy shirts to formal suites from Dior, Brad Pitt's style never fails to impress his fans.



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