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Brad Pitt's Style

Celebrities and their unique styles have always caught the attention of the fashion industry all over the world, and when it comes to Brad Pitt's style, women find it simply irresistible! This Hollywood actor with drop-dead good looks is perhaps among the very few Hollywood stars that have been voted twice as the Sexiest Man alive by the People's Magazine. With his exuberant style statement and a smile worth dying for, Brad Pitt has managed to capture the hearts of millions of his fans across the world.

Known for experimenting with his hairstyle and dressing to constantly re-invent his looks for the different roles in the movies, Brad Pitt's Style has always remained very unique and has often led to serious debates among the Fashion Gurus. From fashionable accessories to trendy shirts, Brad has always brought in something new to the glamour world.


Brad Pitt's Dressing Style

Most movie buffs that can't keep their eyes off this Hollywood Superstar would agree that Brad Pitt's dressing style is truly effortless. From worn-out T- shirts to faded jeans, Brad carries himself with an irresistible charm and elegance in all forms of attire.

A well-tailored suit looks equally gorgeous on Brad as a pair of dirty pants and a leather jacket. Brad has often been spotted flaunting slim cut Dior suits and lean ties, or a Ralph Lauren ensemble, or a lustrous Versace for various formal occasions or events. This gorgeous actor is extremely fond of stylish designer shades and prefers wearing black and amber tinted modern shapes from Dior.

Brad Pitt's Style Accessories

Brad is very casual and easy going about his style and that is what makes him so attractive. Whether he is dressed in a formal suit, a gauzy shirt or a jersey knit shirt, Brad is extremely careful to match his clothes with the right accessories. A pair of trendy sunglasses forms an important accessory for this style icon.

When Brad is wearing an overcoat, he never forgets to flaunt the collar of his branded shirt. He also keeps the first button of his shirt always open.

Brad Pitt's Style Endorsements

Whether he is sporting a casual beach look or a formal corporate look, Brad Pitt has always been great at retaining his charm. Brad also endorses International Fashion Brands like TAG Heuer and is a brand ambassador for Voluntary Organizations like Global Green. This 43 year-old actor looked smoking hot in his Ad campaign for a Japanese denim company, named Edwin.

Whatever he is wearing, be it a watch, Belt, shade or a formal suit, it has got to be an ensemble of the best brands.

Brad's Hairstyles

Much like his dressing style, Brad's hairstyle keeps changing from time to time. From a short crop to long flowing hair, Brad has managed to look cool in all his hairstyles.

If you're a Brad Pitt fan and want to flaunt a cool hairstyle like him, you should be ready to experiment with your looks and pay a close attention to your dressing according to the occasion. Let your dresses have a blend of flaws and finesse. Whether you are ripping your jeans or mottling your shirt, make them look impeccable. Accessorize your looks with cool accessories like scarred leather belts, designer watches and trendy glares. Spice up your hair with streaks or by highlighting them occasionally with colors that match your skin tone and personality. Style your hair with a bit of texturing wax or pomade. And don't forget to top it up with a beautiful smile on your face! Even if you're not a Hollywood heartthrob, you can still be a style icon and can make heads turn with your personal style statement.

Brad's Experimental Looks
Brad Pitt faced severe criticism for his shaggy hair and bearded look in 2002. But that didn't stop this bold actor from experimenting with his looks.

Brad loves to present himself in new avatars, each time he makes a public appearance. Whether it is for a movie or a promotional event, Brad always looks his best.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Hollywood's Hottest Celebrity Couple
While on the sets of his movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad Pitt, who was previously married to the sexy Friends star Jennifer Aniston fell hopelessly for his co-star, the "pouty" Angelina Jolie. A few weeks later Brad and Angelina were spotted together by the media at several occasions and they've come a long way since then.

Currently, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Hollywood's most glamorous and stylish celeb couple without doubt. Be it adopting underprivileged kids or working as the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Angelina and Brad seem happy spending time with each other.



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